A career in web design

I believe that the number of web design jobs has hastily grown. A few boxes and buttons with some pretty pictures gave a chance for people with little artistic talent to make something meaningful & beautiful. However unimpressive that may sound, I’ve found something miraculous about it. Web design is the approachable first stepping stone to a design career. New talents become uncovered thereafter that will shape a person. If not for web design, I wouldn't have learned so much about layout design, iconography and typography, which then lead me to hand lettering and illustration.

Finished reading The Great Gatsby

Got this done over the weekend and then some.

Who is this Gatsby. I have not a clue. All I know is he's just a man with the name Gatsby. Whom may just be a neighbor to all of us.

I decided to measure this time.

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Understanding websites from an involved point of view.

Aimlessly viewing a website in enjoyment doesn't get to the why. Only after purposely navigating through persona's and goals do we understand the reason it is beautifuly built.

At first I couldn't appreciate Teehan + Lax, but it's grown on me now that I've started to read and explore. Rather than judge the layout of each page with no reason to be there but to observe.

The blog is now the banter page

My writing ability is more like a 3rd world country than the New York Times, so I've change the name of my blog to reflect that.

bliberblaber blab blab design, letters derp a derrr.

I won't say, "this is what every woman wants" because that would be spam, but let's talk about the new Tiffany's

I don't always have my ear to the ground. News passes over my head often. However, when people get excited enough I begin to stir my head up & away from my desk to see what's going on. This time, it is the sound of women within Edmonton’s city limits being slain into a panting dreamy promise of a Tiffany's at WEM.

From a mans perspective, I’ll tell you that your unlady like heavy breathing is forgiven & justified for being so unsexy during these exciting times. I have no need for diamond earrings or your friendship charm, but exceptional companies are building here and I’m glad their rolling in.

This completes my goal to do a weekend project, and I happily report that I finished in under 6 hours. Needless to say I cracked open a bottle with friends right after.

Nothing To IT

Many veteran designers make design sound easy. “Nothing To IT” right? But I know. I`ve seen behind the veil. Experienced designers work hard, try hard & still fail. It’s not over confidence that they are expressing by making it sound easy, it’s the attitude of not letting people see the frustration of thinking artistically. Many young designers often express their frustrations, but after a certain age, they express professional attitude that creates optimism with anyone who works with them.

One example of an veteran designer who really knows how to talk about her work is Paula Schere on her design for the High Line

Just like Mobil

If there's nothing wrong with a logo then terrible! If there's one thing wrong then perfect! If more than one then shame on you.

"In my personal opinion"

“In my personal opinion” sounds a lot like “don’t take this so seriously that you judge me when I say this, because I’m human and make mistakes too...” which does not sound so bad, if not for its unprofessionalism.

If a Doctor said, “in my personal opinion,” he should be punched in the throat and told, “These people depend on you with their lives, God dammit! People need medical advice, not medical maybe.”

The same goes for Design professionals. Clients depend on us.

Humble we are in the eye of creativity & its infinite possibility, but confident we must become in the eyes of people who trust us with their ideas.

What designers are saying:

“I really wish everyone would stop making digital things look like real things. A screen is not a drop shadowed, bevelled, wooden plank.”


Design people

Designers are different from regular people. Designers often want to stand out, while a vast majority of regular folks just want to fit in. Except, now that I think about it, designers actually look alike. Tell me, who is standing out exactly?

There are famous people. There's also this crazy old man who used to run shirtless with big mitts in the dead of winter. He stood out. Can't think anyone else.

The best thing to do with IE

At creative studio ishothim.com they have found the best way to deal with internet explorer. They have made a "IE mode." Click it and laugh your face off.

The button's in the footer.

This speaks my language

I don't think I've seen a site so full of visually striking material of this nature in what feels like forever. The Flёve moodboard.

The long hard stupid way

I’m keeping myself from reading or learning anymore about design until I start practicing more. This hand lettering is the beginning of that start. 

I illustrated this lettering off of what Frank Chimero preaches. Even though I have not read his book, I follow him (is that creepy to say?). I could learn a lot from him. As soon as I practice more design. After then perhaps I'll be lucky to find his book at a bargain by the time I'm done, if anyone lets go of a copy.

"The Long Hard Stupid Way"

I'm always reminded of that scene in Aladdin where the thief becomes swallowed by the tiger for not being worthy. In a way, it's a vulnerability not knowing if you are worthy of the challenges you face until it is too late. To step into the mouth of the beast and hope you are not eaten alive.

Finally got started on my chalk wall with the help of The Phraseology Project

Go the The phraseology project. Really talented people are making some very intricate hand lettering. They also sell their finished work on society6. Once I painted my wall chalkboard I had no idea how to start. I was excited and couldn't decide so I took the easy route. I just mentored (stole) from the artists I admired to break in the chalk. Actually, I took their stuff and then slightly altered them.

Next up, I'll post some new work of my own this time. It will be dedicated to one Frank Chimero whom writes a pretty mean book. Tell you all about it in a few days.

Lady Jamie's chalk work is seen above the door in this image. I have to say, way more interesting style then anything I've ever seen.

Maud Boutique website

You wouldn't think that this would be the most efficient use of letters, but I love this brand created by the awesome Downtown Omaha studio Grain & Mortar

Maud isn’t one of those logos that can squeeze down to the size of a pin & still be recognizable, but that is why I love it. If you have a chance to create a brand that does not need corporate versatility, then why not design with more character? Get it? More character, I kill myself. #typepuns