Brooklyn cupcakes

When I was staying in Brooklyn, I happened to come by this new bakery. It only had its soft opening and the official store launch wasn’t until a few days later.

During that visit, it was just me, my friends and one other ecstatic customer that would remind you of a young jolly black Santa. He went on about how we need to wish this place the best of luck! On his dollar bill, he asked if I would draw “Best of Luck” and tag my initials so it could be posted as a mock first dollar made for the bakery. That was one of my early encounters with Brooklyn courtesy.

The shorter lady in the center of the photo was the one who sold me the cupcakes that morning. The day after we walked past their store, she came running out excitedly and yelled down the block “You didn’t tell me what you thought of the cupcakes!?”

During my time there I’ve made quite a few interesting encounters; mostly friendly. I find it interesting how outgoing people are in that city, especially taxi drivers. You miss it when it's gone.