alka interactive design

This web design for Alka Forsikring that was published on behance a few days back caught my attention. At first I was like “That’s well made, good job.”  Then I saw that Hello Monday created it. Then I was like “Hells yeah! Hello Monday!” 

The reason I get excited is because Hello Monday was a past partner that collaborated with us to make Rodney White’s online store. Rodney is an artist/painter that came into vogue a while back when his work was used on the sets of Entourage. I totally forgot about them until this and it was nice seeing more work from them.

What’s impressive that I didn’t know until now is that they got invited to pitch a new identity and website AND a redesign for the White House official logo in 2010. 

Hello Monday didn’t get the job unfortunately, but the result was pretty good none the less. I just can’t believe that such a hip design studio could have hitch onto the Obama train.

You can see the work they did on Hello Monday’s Creative Director & Partner Jakob Kahlen’s website.

 alka interactive design

One last note. The way that you see Alka's website layed out like it is on the above image is exactly how design studio's should be showing their website designs to clients when they need to break down the elements and explain why it works. Also this exploded version makes it more exciting to look at on Behance becuase is saves scrolling time buy just including ipad, ipod and full website versions in a single raster. Cross platform usability for the win!