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Set in Gills Sans Extra Bold Display. Milk Shirts is a brand new label that needed to break into fashion. After looking at all the competition and the top high end clothing brands, we found that it was best to be bold. Believe it or not, from Chanel to the GAP, many of the brand identities did not have heavy weights. Most are using medium and thinner weights to convey a form of luxury and sophistication. The majority of them are designed simple and we kept that attribute, but we threw away what every fashion logo seems to be trying to do and focused on the values that the name “Milk Shirts” itself could convey.

More than sophisticated, we wanted to look incredibly simple or essential in necessity. White shirts are used every day and are not just formal attire. Their necessary because most of everyone owns a white shirt and nothing is more versatile. Day, evening, and night, jeans, khakis or suits, white shirts can be paired with nearly anything.

 gill sans
 gill sans
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