less is more, or is it?

“Less is more.” I’ve been told this since I crawled from the uterus of my design education, but never was I given a detailed breakdown of how purposeful it is. I frankly have been using it to get away with really tight deadlines, but looking at it seriously, what is it that makes it such a good thing?

The solution that this ideology provides is that it takes out variables and reduces the subject to a message. The message is the purpose of the design and provides the function or reason for it existing in the first place. By practising using less we removed elements that possibly tamper with that message. 

For this reason many people have the opinion that less is always better. If you have variables messing with the message then you have a problem good sir.



Simple design is discernable by the fact that it is mostly made up of its message. There’s less of a chance to mistake it for anything else than for what it was created for. Also, simple will go further because it can dynamically take the shape of various mediums. The SCI branding makes a point of it in their video 

Even the 2 dimensional forms below depict 3 dimensional objects that were designed so simply that they could be removed from their 3 dimensions and still be recognized.


That’s it for now. Next up, I’ll post more about the benefits of “Less is More.” However, for now I’ll be planing my trip to New York and won’t be back for a week!