Frank chimero

I watch a 35 minute Frank Chimero lecture. It’s really long for many attention spans. He covers a lot, so I wrote a sample of what you will find, if interesting, then watch the whole lecture here.


Design is not problem solving. Because: When you solve a problem you get an answer. There is a certain quality to what an answer is. It’s reproducible, predictable, and by being an answer that means nothing else can be an answer.

3+7=__ answer is 10.

It can’t be anything other than 10 because it is completely independent of source. This is an answer.

If we gave a design problem to 3 different design agencies, then they should come back with the same thing—if the case is that design is problem solving. Therefore we don’t solve problems, because the problems never stop existing.

What designers do is create design responses. Otherwise, we would only need to invent one chair and not many different chairs because that problem would already be solved. There should no longer be a reason to design another chair.

What’s the point of design if we are just aimlessly addressing these design briefs? Forget that. Instead, ask what is the value? Because there is obviously a value to what is produced. Otherwise no one would hire us. There is a need for design. And the design briefs that we get to solve are actually unsolvable problems.

Frank Chimero lecture is continued here