ui and ux

UX is a new term I'm only just understanding. After reading lots, I've come to this conclusion.

The difference between UX & UI feels similar to finding the difference between HD, True HD or Full HD. It seems there is no clear line of distinction that people can easily understand. It complicates and confuses people, which is the opposite of what any Designer or Developer tries to accomplish.

Unfortunately the term exists and I’ll very bluntly define it for you:

UX – You’re a Designer.

UI – You’re a Developer.

(edit: This is just one understanding of the difference between UI & UX. UI is in fact a small part of UX and the two are not to be compared.)

As a front-end Developer & Designer, I have been seeing them both as the same thing. For me, there was not a reason for these two terms to exist. The more I think about them, the more I find it unnecessary. I used to say I was a UI designer, but I guess I also know UX?

If you're ever using paper mache or drawing with a crayon for somebody else's use, then congratulations, perhaps you too can become a UX designer.