Frankenstein grotesque, typefaces

Grotesque, or Grotesk in Germany, is a style of sans-serif from the 19th century. William Thorowgood was the man who coined the name Grotesque after he created the first sans-serif with Capitals & lower-case. Before then, Sans-serifs were only available in Capitals.

“Whhaaaaaaaaa?!” you say. “No lower-case?!”

The name was derived from the Italian word 'grottesco', meaning 'belonging to the cave.' Even though it is said that William first came up with the name Grotesque, some like to believe that the term was derived from the surprising response from other typographers. Disregarding it, as though it were a Frankenstein experiment that never should have been allowed into normal society.

Somebody call a doctor! This serif got his feet chopped off & his hat stolen! No wait, it's just a wonderful monstrosity.