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Just like Mobil

If there's nothing wrong with a logo then terrible! If there's one thing wrong then perfect! If more than one then shame on you.

Design people

Designers are different from regular people. Designers often want to stand out, while a vast majority of regular folks just want to fit in. Except, now that I think about it, designers actually look alike. Tell me, who is standing out exactly?

There are famous people. There's also this crazy old man who used to run shirtless with big mitts in the dead of winter. He stood out. Can't think anyone else.

On the Work Jessica does at Sagmeister & Walsh

we pick clients that we really like and want to do work for. We also only show one option to our clients versus showing a plethora of mediocre options. I was shocked by that strategy at first, but it really seems to work. The work ends up being better and the clients are less confused.
— Jessica Walsh

Taken from the blog that can be read here.

There are very few type foundries that can really set type.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones is one of them.

I need to get a Apple computer so I can start seeing the css bugs on websites.

Windows browsers all show up perfectly, so why apple safari?...Why?

 douglas parker 
After watching the TV series Sherlock, it has blown my mind how often a person will not think. More often, they will create a conclusion just to keep themselves from having to think about the problem.

I took this quote from the that reminded me of the mystery TV series Sherlock, see it on Netflix. The first episode is quite slick!

It’s nice when Type is Justified, but it’s nicer when Kerning, Leading & Point Size’s are proportionate. Justification can F itself if it tries to get in the way.

I wonder how SOPA will turn out today? See who is supporting it and how you can get involved.

Disney!? Nooo, why you on board with SOPA?

Check out everyone that is on board with SOPA and how to contact them on Gizmondo

I’m finally happy with the Type treatment of my website.

Time to snowboard and drink—but not at the same time. Never again.

My Blog posts have been slowing down lately. I’m sorry, but it has nothing to do with Skyrim or MW3. I promise.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
— Antoine de Saint Exupery

Hard Refresh my website if you haven’t recently. That means ctrl + F5.

Removed the Cufon & Testing out some new fonts. (edit: So far I’m still enjoying Georgia over any google fonts. Re-edit: Ok, so I chose Droid Serif. At 13px it looks good.)

Shaun - often thinks about moving Cufon off his website so he can have real text.

(Edit: The text has become real.)

 the history of michael jackson.
Working on MILK’s Campaign photos. There’s a bunch of things that have peeked my interest and want to post about.

 Got the pictogram from

Going to be working into the long hours of the night to finish MILK Shirts website.

I’m getting choice paralysis from all the good stuff I’m seeing. Not sure what to post about.

It’s been a while, but I’m back!

So I can write anything here and everyone can read this on the internet?