I recently watched a lecture by Sarah Kay. Sarah is a crazy, gorgeous woman who teaches people across the United States about poetry and self-expression.

Poetry is not something I’ve ever been very invested in, so please don't test my knowledge, but Sarah tells an interesting story about truth. Sarah explains how everyone knows a truth. This truth could be anything as simple as what you ate for lunch or as complex as the meaning of life. She points out that how well anyone can express a truth, however, is going to be based on their level of understanding.

In the case of graphic design for instance, if your understanding of design is limited, the truth you express might sound like “It just doesn’t feel right” or “I need a website that says we’re a perogie company that cares about middle class families.”

We can't depend on clients to articulate into words what “does or doesn’t feel right” about a design, because their expertise is their business and not the design, but if you hear them out and ask the right questions, you will be able to make the connections between their understanding and yours to create an even better holistic design.

Take your clients opinion into thought before disregarding it as inexperience because their understanding of the design holds a small piece to the whole truth that you are trying to create from your own understanding.