When you think of everyday products like L'Oréal and Coca-Cola, companies like Radient don't come to mind. Radient(spelt with an E) is the kind of company that is capable of supplying the materials used to create our everyday products in the most environmentally efficient way possible.


Getting a feel for the water

We had a month to get the website working enough to be shown it at an upcoming event. An opportunity for Radient to shift their business into 2nd gear. With little time to spare we got the nickel tour of the facility with managing partner Mike Cabigon and operations manager Milo Fisher. It's really fascinating what they can accomplish, and exciting to see their M.A.P. method that we understand will save the environment, and businesses money & time.

Mike had gathered the info we needed to start immediately. We figured out what we wanted from the website, but narrowed it down to what could be done before the months end. Once that was done, we could work on the finishing touches. We couldn't go the regular pace either. Web design would start at the same time as development and not before. As well as a new brand to go along with it. We were beginning to think that we had bit of more than we could chew.


The Brand

Normally a good chunk of time goes into research, but we cut that time down. Well, we cut down on everything. In short, they needed to be seen as a serious upgrade from their competition. Their current branding didn't need replacing, but was due for a dramatic overhaul. Working off their current brand made it easier for us to discover the hidden potential.


Their previous esthetic used a deep green theme. They had a container logo with wavy lines running through it to emphasis on their microwave technology. In the new brand we retained that same idea, but simplified it as much as we could. We elaborated on the green they had and made a complex expression of color that we hope will convey serious intelligence and environmental thoughtfulness.

 Stating for the record that the logo type is not Gotham. 

Stating for the record that the logo type is not Gotham. 


The biggest challenged Radient faced was educating potential clients about the benefits of M.A.P. 

Radient decided to use a series of infographics to educate visitors about their process. Mike supplied us with scientific data that we used to create wireframes for these infographics and the rest of the website. With that done we began coding. Parallel to development, I got knee deep in infographics, animations and web design. Meanwhile, the great folks at Laughing Dog Photography were taking snapshots during their tour of Radient. That's a whole lot of simultaneous work than I'm not normally comfortable with. Nonetheless, we were happily able to coordinate our efforts.

I am grateful to be a part of the project. Radient was launched in one short month and is ongoing. Small details can be missed when working fast, but the focus is so great that everyone became stronger during the process. Near the end, details will get filled in, so in the long run, there is no loss. The website is now fully functional, have a look.

- Visit radientinc.com